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Some ancient technologies and style seem to last throughout the years, even long after their creators are long gone. Sometimes, when something is designed in a great way, it can stand the test of time. Sometimes it can even become a classic.

Render Unto Caesar

That's what happened with roman shades. At face value, it's obvious that this type of window covering is rather simple. What you see are a sheet of fabric, a rod, and a drawstring. These seemingly unrelated objects are "macgyvered" together to create a mechanism that makes this type of shade an effective sun blocker that's easy to open and close. As you pull on the string or cord attached to the shade, the fabric folds up neatly into equal folds. As far as window coverings are concerned, this simple mechanism is pretty unique and unassuming. That means that Roman shades can fit easily into any room and complement practically any type of aesthetic theme.

The Aesthetics of Ancient Rome

Window treatments are a great way to give a certain room the look you're going for. While they're not always the center of attention, they do a lot to contribute to the vibe and atmosphere. A lot of times, their visual effects work in a subconscious way. Roman shades are some of the most versatile window treatment options available in today's market. They can be used by conservative individuals who only want muted, solid colors for their window blinds, or those who want bold and unique designs. There are options for everyone.

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