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Will installing blinds in my home mean that I have to sacrifice some privacy?

Not necessarily. You can choose the level of opaqueness that you would like for your blinds. Or, for maximum privacy, you can go for darkened or blackout shades. Also, window treatments such as zebra blinds offer a combination of sheer and dark fabrics that can give you the option to make the shades more or less transparent depending on the position of the panels, so you can control the light coming in as well as decide on the level of privacy you want.

What kind of maintenance do fabric blinds need?

You'll be happy to know that they require only regular dusting and vacuuming. It is best if you dust your window treatments at least once a week and vacuum them monthly or more often if you so choose. It is also possible to wipe them with a slightly damp cloth to preserve their look.

What kinds of window coverings are best for bay windows?

Given the design of these types of windows, Roman shades are among the most popular options out there. They are quite exquisite and can match and complement the beauty of the rest of the room perfectly. The roller shades are great modern contenders which are extremely convenient and easy to use.

What fabrics are modern shades typically made from?

Most are made from some kind of polyester fabric blend. This material is so predominant because it is extremely strong and has a high level of resistance to the damaging effects of UV light. You can expect shades made from such a fabric to last for a long time, with the proper maintenance, of course.

Are zebra blinds suitable for offices?

They can be a good choice for working environments as they can be adjusted to let the required amount of ambient light in. They have a clean modern look so they will certainly match the decor of pretty much most office spaces or other commercial establishments. They don’t require any special maintenance other than regular cleaning.

How much privacy do I get with sheer window blinds?

Usually, people will be able to see blurred silhouettes from the outside and nothing more. Hence, you will still get a good level of privacy but won't have to sit there in complete darkness. Still, since every window cover is different and so is every interior setting, you should test your options before making a final decision.

Do you offer products for residential homes?

In addition to businesses, our company also offers a wide variety of blinds and shades for residential homes, including for kitchens and patios with glass doors or windows with unusual dimensions and strange shapes. Regardless of which type of product you're looking for, you can count on Sherman Oaks Blinds & Shades to help you find the best one for your needs.


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