Commercial Services

August 3, 2016

custom office window blinds

Typically, offices are surrounded by windows that let light in. This is because most architects love to use natural light to illuminate their creations. What you do with the light access that the architect gave you is up to you and your interior designer.

Natural light is usually very strong when it’s not controlled by window shutters. It tends to be very bright and when it hits at certain angles, the glare can be a little bit distracting – especially to those who need to focus on their reports, projects and tasks to get their work done. This is where office window treatments come in. When used properly, these can really change the ambient lighting of your office.

Covering the Office Window

Covering your office window is as easy as calling us at Sherman Oaks Blinds & Shades. We will visit your office and make a recommendation as to the type, style, design, material and color of the shade that you can use to best complement your office. If you prefer a classic look that’s reminiscent of ancient functionality, then you can have roman shades custom-made. These can be fitted for small or large windows. They can also be used to cover doors or glass walls. The choice will really depend on your personal or your office’s prescribed preferences.

We also install custom office window blinds that are both great at reducing and managing external light from coming in as well as creating an opaque barrier to keep privacy. If you prefer simple functionality, then you can choose to have roller shades installed in your office.