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June 28, 2016

Modern Window Blinds & Shades

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There are so many different types of blinds out there, it may seem scary deciding which one is best. Carry on reading to find out how to best choose the perfect blinds for you. Finding the right blinds for your home is an often-overlooked part of renovating the interior of your house. However, once you find the right choice, you’ll be able to see the difference immediately! You may think that you just need toRead More
Are you looking for an effective way to keep your PVC window blinds clean? These tips will help you get there while extending their lifespan and keeping them hygienic.Read More
So you’ve made the leap into updating your home window coverings by installing the timeless workhorse roman shades, now how do you clean them? The key to keeping fabric window shades clean is cleaning them gently and regularly. By doing this, you are able to keep the dirt and grime to a minimum without damaging the material. Here is a step by step guide. Vacuum your blinds An easy way to tackle the task of cleaning yourRead More